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What makes an online rummy app better than a website?

Card games have been played in India for a very long time and it is considered as the best way to spend time as well as relish the bonds between friends & family. A variety of card games are there for but the most loved card game is the Rummy game. In fact, it is considered a traditional card game by the people of India. With advancements in technologies, people started played Rummy online. You will find millions of rummy players on the table. People can go via website version or through app version but which one is comparatively better? Let’s understand this.

Easy handling

The game varies in both web-based and mobile-based gaming. The game interface on smartphones is easy to handle and comparatively much smoother. One can download the Rummy app and can play Rummy from any location on the go as smartphones are always available with one. While it is not the case with web-based applications.

More Privacy

Today also, you will find some websites that can be handled only on desktop applications. Of course, it facilitates the user with the easy handling of the website as one needs not to login again and again. But privacy will not be maintained there as any individual can open the website and can join the table by your name. While in app-based gaming, our privacy is maintained. No other user can access another’s account.

Less Storage Space

Generally, on our desktop, we are having a lot of applications with large storage space so handling such large storage space applications can create problems while playing games on it. Whereas online Rummy apps require very little space and less bandwidth so can be operated easily on smartphones allowing one to enjoy the game without any kind of disturbance.

Less Data Requirement

Carrying a smartphone in your pocket with a reliable internet connection is quite easier as compared with carrying desktops. One can enjoy gaming through smartphones by sitting at any place like traffic, social meetings, or in between lunch breaks. So, an individual will never miss a chance of earning by handling it through app-based gaming. And most importantly the data consumed by the online rummy app is very little.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of mobile-based rummy applications against websites


  • Desktop is not portable whereas smartphones are easily portable so one can enjoy gaming at any place may be in traffic, office lunch breaks, boring parties, etc.
  • Power consumption is very high in web-based applications but talking about smartphones, power consumption is comparatively less.
  • Playing on mobile-based applications means it leads to no disturbance among the users as no outsider will be there.


  • While playing on a desktop, a large screen is available for the users. Whereas in mobile phones, the screen is comparatively smaller. Clear visuality is an issue here.

With evolving technologies, it has now been becoming very easy to switch yourself from desktop-based to mobile-based applications. Considering all the above reasons, you might have understood, the online rummy app is quite better than Rummy websites.

Happy Gaming!


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