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Top Five Books Based On Card Games

Card games are the most popular means of entertainment and recreation among people. They have been there for a long time and excel the list of activities that people love to do in their free time. Online rummy games are one of the most popular card games available for people right now. Other famous card games include Poker, Solitaire, Bridge, etc. Due to the advancements in the field of technology, online games have come into existence and have become famous among all the people around the world. Online card games are easy to access and have much flexibility as compared to offline gaming. Card games have become a part of people’s everyday life. There are several players who have written books about various elements of online gaming.

Below are few of the books written about card games.

Official Rules of Card Games- Albert H. Morehead

This is a guide to a number of card games. This book is quite helpful for people who like to play rummy games online as well as Poker, Bridge, etc. The book was published by Albert h. Morehead in 1996 and has been continuously updated since then. It consists of 300 popular card games. The book also has all the international laws about card games. The book is sectioned and organized in such a way that the reader can get an easy understanding of the games. The various sections include games for special occasions, games for children, etc. Also, it has sections that have an explanation about various terminologies, rules, and etiquettes of playing card games.

Ultimate Book of Card Games- Scott McNeely

This book is written in a way that people of every age group can read it and get information about games. There is information about 350 different card games in the book. The book has information about all the popular card games as well as games that you might have never heard of. It is an ideal book for all types of players, whether beginners or pro players.

How to play Rummy and Gin Rummy- Tim Ander

Rummy is a traditional game and has become a part of our culture. The book is all about variants of Rummy. The Rummy game has a number of variants and there are many types of platforms that allow you to play the game today. You can download an online rummy game app, and use the readings of this book to enhance your game. The book puts a light on Rummy variants played in various regions which include the Indian Rummy, Gin Rummy, Shanghai Rummy, etc. You can understand all the basic rules and strategies from this book. Also, you will get some tips on how to score in Rummy.

The Complete Book of Card Games- Hervey George, George F. Hervey, and Peter Arnoid

The book was published in 2001 and is like a beginner’s guide to all the players wanting to play card games. It is organized in a way that the games are according to the increasing number of players in the book. You can learn about almost 100 card games and their rules, strategies, etc.

Hoyle’s Modern Encyclopedia of Card Games- Walter B. Gibson

The book was published in 1974. It is a guide for a number of card games which you wish to play. There is a lot of information about various card games that a beginner has to know and also which will help you to become an excellent player. It is one of the best books on card games.


Card games are always loved and played in all houses. Many books written about card games are out of all the love people have for them. Books are friends for all generations and age groups of people. So, reading about your favorite card games is always fun. Nowadays online games have become a trend and all the concepts, elements, rules, etc., of the games are in written form when you read books. You can use these strategies in your tournaments and win rewards.


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