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Tips to master Online Rummy Game

Rummy is a game of cards that has a lot of fun, entertainment, and winnings to offer. The game has been available in the market for a long time now, and people love to play it as a means of entertainment and stress buster. If you are about to start playing the online 13 cards rummy game, then you can relish it on the various platforms but with the right tips and tricks.

Today we will help you with some effective tips and tricks to win the online rummy game. So, let’s get started right away.

Selecting the right rummy game

In online Rummy, you get the benefit of playing a variety of contests. There are practice contests, pay-to-play contests, and tournaments. What you need to know is which contest types suit you the best.

Arranging the cards properly

The first thing to do in the Rummy game is to arrange the cards properly such that it won’t create confusion at the time of discarding cards. After that, there comes the category of Joker cards. It can be kept aside for a moment so as to reduce the uncertainty with the other cards.

Aim for a pure sequence

The first thing to always keep in mind is creating the pure sequence at the earliest. Sequences as the heart of any rummy round and pure sequence being a mandatory requirement needs to be fulfilled at the earliest. And for this, you need to be very much confident about which cards to be kept to form a pure sequence. Don’t forget to keep joker cards with you as they are a renewal of any card in the game.

Discarding high-value cards

When playing rummy for earning cash, you should concentrate on reducing the high card points at the initial level. This can be done by discarding cards that are not of any use to form a pure sequence. From an earning point of view, you need to discard joker cards also if they are more in number. High points are accounted for cards like a king, queen, jack, and ace. Each of these cards carries 10 points. So, try to keep your score low by discarding unwanted high-value cards.

Use of joker wisely in rummy game

Jokers can make you win at any instant in online Rummy. The tip for online rummy is that if you are having a pure sequence, use the available joker cards to make the second sequence. But in case you have already formed your sequences, shift your focus on using the available joker cards to form sets & complete your game.

Track your opponent’s moves

This is one of the most important tips in Indian rummy. To win a game it is important that you keep an eye on each particular move of your opponents. The cards they select and discard will give you an idea about the cards they are carrying in their hand, and what formations they are about to make. You just need to be smart enough to understand the tactics of the opponent player.


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