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Must-Try Rummy Variants That You Won’t Regret After Playing

In India, rummy has been a part of people whenever they gather and party. It is a traditional game played on many occasions, including festivals and family get-togethers. The internet and smartphones have provided a boost in playing this card game, as it is not just a tradition to play rummy anymore. It has become one of the most played card games online. The online rummy apps have a variety of rummy variants which usually are discarded when people play at their homes. The emergence of these apps has allowed people to experience many variants of rummy, which they had never experienced.

Rummy is one of the most loved card games. Despite this fact, many people are unaware of the different variants the game has to offer. There are some kinds of people who play online, but they do not try different versions. They just play the variants that they find easy. If you want to get better at rummy, you need to try different versions of the game. Trying different versions of the game opens up another dimension of learning which ultimately helps you at your best game. Hence, you should try all the version that is available on your new rummy app.

Here is the list of rummy variants you should try.

Points Rummy

A rummy game can stretch for hours, and the shortest variant of rummy is the points rummy. In points rummy, you play just one hand, and the winner is declared after the round gets over. Whoever declares first is the winner in points rummy. Just like every other variant, each card has a point value equal to its face value, and cards above 10 have a point value of 10.

In this variant, after a person declares he wins with zero points, and other players lose the same number of funds equal to their remaining points. You can decide any value for the points before the game, and based on that, people lose funds after they fail to declare.

Pool Rummy

Pool rummy is one of the most played rummy variants. It is played for a fixed points value, either 101 or 201. Players in this version enter the game lobby with a fixed fund, and they are supposed to play the game in a way that they should not reach the fixed point, which is either 101 or 201. If players reach the point limit, they are eliminated from the game, and the last man standing becomes the winner.

Deals Rummy

Deals rummy is the longest variant in rummy. When you play deals rummy, you have to play it for a fixed number of deals that are decided before the game. The variant can be played between two to six people. The objective of the game is to perform well in all the deals and declare before your opponents in the most number of deals that are pre-decided. After the fixed number of deals are over, the player who has the minimum points emerges out as the winner.


All the rummy variants are good to play, and in order to play all the variants on one platform, you should download rummy app in India.


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