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Is 13 Card Rummy a Game of Skill or Luck?

Whenever it comes to playing card games, it is noticed that they are either skill-based games or luck-based games. However, in case of rummy, it is not a purely luck-based game. It can be won using your mathematical, analytical, and logical skills. While playing rummy online, you cannot control the cards you are dealt which means it depends on your luck in the game but using those cards to make quick combinations, it totally dependent on you. The sets and sequences you make from these cards will make you win ultimately. Here the skills of the player are tested during the game.

Here are few reasons why 13 card rummy game is a skill-based card game:

Strategize everything

Whenever you make any move while playing the game, you should keep in mind that you always have to strategize the move. You have to think about which card will impact the opponent’s strategy and game pattern. Thus, to strategize these things, you need to use your skills.

Need time to learn

Having a luck factor will not always help because first, you need to know the game well. Whenever a beginner starts to play, he has to learn the basic rules of the game. Though the rules for 13 card rummy are easy, it needs skills to master the game. Practice makes you learn new skills and tricks.

Time bounded game

As soon as the cards are dealt, your mind gets busy sorting them and making the possible sequences. Obviously, it needs a lot of practice to figure out which sequence to make from these cards. Also, you should be quick in doing that. You have to make sets and sequences before you’re out of time. If you’re slow and not much prepared for the game, your opponent will definitely take advantage of the situation and win the game.

Use of Joker in 13 card rummy game

Joker is a very important part of the rummy game. Paying attention and making proper use of the joker card is very essential while playing 13 card rummy. Many jokers or no jokers at all, both situations can ruin your game at times. Discarding a joker is a very foolish move since it will help your opponent and will spoil your game. Practice will make you understand that how you should deal with joker cards and how to use jokers in the sequences.

Knowing when to drop a game

Knowing all the conditions of drop and when to drop out from the game, is very important. When the cards rolled are not in your favor and you can anticipate that there are no chances of winning the game, you have an option of drop out. This needs practice too as you should be able to anticipate things in a proper way.


While playing rummy online, you don’t have to keep wondering about your luck factor when the cards are dealt. Once you receive the cards, make sure you use all your mind to implement your strategies and skills to make the best of those cards and win the game.


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