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How to wisely use bad cards?

There are many times when the cards just don’t seem to be in your favor. In such a situation, when you are dealt with bad cards, the first thing that will come to your mind will be to drop the game. But what if we tell you that you can still win a game even if you are dealt with the worst possible cards. All you need to do is to know how to use a bad card for an advantageous deal.

For dealing with bad cards, you have to be very much focused and alert during the gameplay. You have to give your best and apply your best strategies and skills to win. By picking and discarding proper cards, you can also change the situation but the real game-changer can only be you. We have listed out some of the best tips and strategies that will certainly help you in dealing with bad cards.

Practice can help you win

Practice makes a man perfect, all you might have heard this proverb. This is true for offline and online rummy games also. The more you give your time to practice games, the more you learn from it and get in the way of becoming a better player. Practice matches will help you in an easy understanding of the gameplay and make you familiar with the best moves of the seasoned player. Every time you play, you will learn some new tricks and strategies from the opponents and new ways to form sets and sequences. Practicing helps you in sharpening your skills and makes you a pro player. In case, if you are dealt with bad cards then using your skills and strategies at that time it can make you win the game.

Understand your cards

Just as the cards are dealt, start thinking about how you can meld them and form valid hands with them. It is very must for a player to understand his/her cards and make the best use of them. If you are holding high-value cards and it’s of no use, then try discarding them as soon as possible because it can cost you high points. Also, if you are holding low-value cards, don’t worry about it. Try to group them and form a sequence. Also, you can make use of a joker card to form a sequence with them.

Use middle cards

For a Rummy aspirant, it is quite simpler to create sequences with middle-value cards like 5 and 6 in comparisons with high-value cards like aces, king, queen, and jack. Middle-value cards provide you with a variety of options to form sequences like 3,4,7 and 8 which is something not possible with high-value cards.

Colors play an important role

In Rummy, arranging the cards as per alternate color schemes reduces the risk of confusion among the players. This will also reduce the chances of discarding a useful value card. That’s why colors play a very important and crucial role in the Rummy game.

If you have a Joker card, value it

Joker card is of high importance in the Rummy game and can be used in many different ways. Imagine a scenario where your opponent is about to win a game within a move or two, then in such a situation what you can do is try to lessen your points by arranging your unpaired high-value cards with a joker card. Since the joker card carries zero points, it will reduce your points and save you from losing a high amount.

Don’t panic if you don’t have a joker card

Don’t stress out if you don’t find a joker card. There is actually nothing to worry about it. Without making use of the joker card also, you can turn the game in your favor. But, at the time of selecting and discarding cards from the open deck and close deck, there is a possibility of getting a joker card or wild card into that deck.

Keep a close value on your opponents

Keeping an eye on your own cards is not enough for securing a win in the Rummy game. For winning purposes, you have to track your opponent’s move and also keep a close watch on what your opponent is picking or discarding. By going through the discard section, you will get an idea about what kind of sets your opponents are about to form. And if you are holding such cards which can benefit your opponent, then try not to discard them. It will certainly help you in winning the game.

Hopefully, after reading all the above points, you might have understood how to deal with bad cards and how to change the game in your favor. Apply these strategies while playing rummy, and it may lead you a step closer to winning.

Happy Gaming!


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