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How to Smartly Play Jokers in Online Indian Rummy Game?

The game of rummy revolves around one’s capability to understand & deal with cards. One should have high knowledge of mathematical concepts, great analytical and logical skills and should know their way around cards. Online rummy game is garnering a lot of popularity credit to the ease-of-access provided by the game offering platforms for their users. One can enjoy the game anytime from anywhere and it is not only a means of entertainment for people but also, a source of side-income for the players.

But to be able to play rummy games online, one should know the right tips and tricks. One of the must know tricks for becoming a professional rummy player is understanding how to use joker cards smartly in a game of online rummy. To know how you can use joker cards in a profitable manner, then this blog is just for you. But first, let’s begin with understanding the different kinds of joker in Indian Rummy game & their use.

What are the Types of Joker Cards in Online Rummy?

When you play rummy game online, especially the 13-card Indian rummy game version, you are dealt with 2 different types of jokers. The two types of jokers in the Indian rummy game, namely Printed Joker and Wild joker, can be defined as:

Printed Joker

The printed joker is the additional card that comes with a standard deck of 52-cards, with a jester printed on it. These cards act as the replacement of any other card on the deck and are significantly useful for the formation of sets & impure sequences.

Wild Joker

Apart from the 2 printed joker cards available in a standard 52-card deck, there are wild jokers in a game of Indian rummy. The wild jokers are regular cards of the deck that are selected randomly to act as a joker card for a particular game round. The wild joker card is selected at the start of the game round and works just like the printed joker card.

How to Smartly Use Joker Cards

When you download rummy app to enjoy the game online, you should be well aware of the use of joker cards. Knowing how to use the joker card smartly can help you in becoming a winning player of the game. Here’s how you can smartly use joker cards in your game.

Know when to Discard a Joker Card

The first thing to know about using a joker card smartly is to know what is the right time to discard a joker card. Well, if you are wondering why one must discard this amazing card that makes the game easier, then, there is a very significant reason behind us saying so. If you feel that you have spare joker cards on your hand even after you have created the required number of sets & impure sequences, then you should discard the spare joker cards to make room for more valuable cards.

Use it with High value cards

The other trick to use joker cards in a smart & winning manner is to use it with high value cards. One of the things that you are taught since the beginning of the game is to not hold high value cards in hand so that you don’t lose with high points if your opponent declares at any moment in the game. However, if you have high value cards & need just one card to arrange them in a set or sequence, then rather than waiting for the third card, use the joker card available in hand to pair up with those high value cards after creating a pure sequence. This way you will not lose with high points even if your opponent declares at any point in the game.

Avoid Using a Joker with more than 3 cards

It is suggested that you don’t use the joker card in a valid card arrangement of more than 3 cards. This is to ensure that you don’t block your joker card in an unnecessary space. If you already have a valid set or a sequence that hold true as per the rules of the game, then you should focus on using the joker card in hand to form other required set or sequence with a missing card, for the game round.

Do not use a Joker card for its Face Value

As already mentioned in the prior segment of the article, there are two types of joker cards in a game of rummy – Printer joker & Wild joker. The most common mistake that people make while using the wild joker card is using it for its face value. The wild joker card is selected on a random basis & differs for each game. So, if for a game round 3 of hearts is selected as the wild joker & you have 4 of hearts & 5 of hearts in your hand, it is suggested to either discard the cards or wait for 6 of hearts to form a sequence. But do not use the wild joker card for its face value as 3 of hearts as its utility is way more as a joker card.

Avoid Rushing to Form Sets

Another major blunder that people make is rushing for form sets with the joker cards in hand. The first thing you should be doing once all the cards are dealt, is using the joker cards in hand for making sequences. It is easier to form sets without using a joker card than it is form sequences. Thus, focus on not rushing to form sets

Focus on Working without a Joker

Another thing you should keep your focus on is to work without using a joker card. When you play on the best rummy game in India, you meet with people that are both skilled and unskilled, it depends on you as to how you shape your game to be the winner in both situations. Thus, you should first focus on working your way without the use of the joker card, form pure sequence, sets, impure sequence, and then at last use your joker card where necessary to seal the victory.


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