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How to make advantageous use of unwanted cards in Rummy?

A game of online rummy requires skills to play. Basically, here the players need to form sets and sequences and for that, they need to pick and discard cards. Picking and discarding cards are the most important thing in an online rummy game as it decides your winning or losing in the game.

You have to keep low-value cards with yourself to become the winner but sometimes high-value cards can also make you a winner. Now the question arises how? So let’s see, how to make advantageous use of unwanted cards in Rummy:

Which are the unwanted cards in online rummy?

Unwanted cards are generally high-value cards like Ace, King, Queen, and Jack each of which carries 10 points. If you are holding these cards in hand for a long, your score will rise and you may end up losing the game. Yes, you will lose the game if your score is more because, in Indian Rummy, the winner’s score is required to be equal to zero points while declaring. In Rummy, a Player with zero points will stand on the top spot while the player with maximum points will stand at the last spot, losing the game.

Therefore, if your score is less then you will get the chance to earn a handsome amount but scoring more will lessen this opportunity. You can turn the game by the way you use your intellect. By discarding low-value cards also, you can win the game. Just use the proper tactics and make the game yours.

How to play unwanted cards wisely?

Mostly, Rummy aspirants discard high-value cards in the starting rounds. So you can take advantage of it and can turn things the way you want. Instead of discarding the high-value cards initially, What you can do is, keep the high-value cards with you up to the third-fourth round. Since your neighbors have dropped the high-value cards, it might be an opportunity for you in forming valid sets and sequences before your opponents.

But what if you find your fellow player is also using the same strategy, don’t worry. There is also a counterbalance technique to resolve this issue. Suppose, if your fellow player has picked card K♠, the possibility of formation of sequences would be 10♠, J♠, Q♠, K♠ or A♠, K♠, Q♠. And your opponent might be thinking he is on the winning edge but you can stop your opponent from winning by not discarding the cards nearer to K ♠. And moreover, if you manage to make a valid hand before your opponent, then you can make your fellow player lose the game with high points.

Another thing which you can do is Bluffing. Yes, bluff your opponents. Make your opponents feel that you have the upper hand in the game which will get into their heads. To do this, select more cards from the open deck and discard low-value cards. Through this, your opponents get confused and end up either dropping the game or making silly mistakes. But fortunately, both will result in your win only.

Both high-value and low-value cards have their own gains and losses, but one can make it fruitful by using particular tips, strategies, and cleverness.

Try these tips while playing the rummy game, and do let us know did you become a winner with unwanted cards!


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