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How To Deal With Downswings In Online Rummy?

It doesn’t matter what game you play, winning and losing are part of it. Just like that Online Rummy is one such game where you can face multiple losses. It surely does have a risk factor and is unpredictable most of the time, but if you are a pro player who’s habitual of winning, experiencing downswings might be tough but you should not get demotivated by it. However, there are certain ways through which you can cope and come out stronger.

If you play cash rummy game, losing in a continuous manner might affect your financial conditions and you could also feel stress. In such cases it’s better give yourself some time and realize your mistakes.

Here are a few ways through which you can deal with your downswing.

Observe Your Game

When you are not playing, observe your skills while getting into practice contest or against the artificial intelligence. Carefully watch what is wrong, is it just the wrong cards or if your skill needs modification. Whatever your weak points are, observe them and fix them. Get more strong with your tactics and build up more speed.

Have Some Self Confidence

One of the biggest factors while losing a lot of games can be your self confidence. You need to believe in yourself and give your best. Don’t take your defeat in a negative manner, instead learn from it. Learning from a loss is a players biggest achievement and you have to do that every time you face a defeat. Because that is the only way you can be better in your game.

Do Not Expect Too Much

At times, when a player has experienced a winning streak and he goes on to win more hands, he starts to expect things in his favor in all the hands. Refrain from doing so, you should always welcome a loss and be ready for that. If you are a skilled player always remember that your opponent is not a newbie either. Never underestimate your opponent and think that you would easily beat him.

Remember, Failure Is Not A Bad Thing

If you believe in your skill and you still keep on losing, you can blame your luck, but simultaneously you should learn from your failures. Your fortunes might not be at their best and it’s better to keep yourself at a low pace and bet in low numbers. Start betting big after sometime when you feel right, keep playing the game and you’ll eventually know when it’s time to bet big.

Experiencing downswings in Rummy Game App is not entirely a bad thing. If you look at it from another perspective, it might be a reason for you to upgrade your skills and evolve.


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