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How Online Rummy Apps Are Better Than Web Versions?

Playing Rummy is a traditional way of entertainment. As online Rummy came into existence, the popularity of the game eventually increased because of the flexibility and type of convenience it offers. There are a number of mediums where you can play the game with smartphones being the most convenient and easiest source of access.

You can download a rummy app in India with a single click, as there are a number of platforms offering the game. However, every player who plays the game online has found themselves in a debate between using the app or website figuring out which medium is better for playing.

So, today we officially put an end to the ultimate confusion by drawing a comparison between the two. Let us take a look at the factors below that will definitely help you regarding this question.

Playing the Web Versions

Demand for the Game

The rummy game does not have any type of configuration demands. It does not specifically need any particular device to play this card game. When you are accessing the game through a desktop browser, you should keep few things in mind that you have to select a good website for playing Rummy. After this, create an account by entering the required credentials. You can now log in and choose any type of game you want to play from the website. But while you have a mobile app in your mobile, many steps from these can be skipped. The mobile app does not require credentials every time you log in. Also, you don’t have to search for a website every time.

Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is a basic necessity for everyone who wishes to play online rummy games. When you access the game on a web browser which is your desktop, you cannot move from one place to another. You have to strictly sit in the same place because you cannot shift the whole set up of your desktop anywhere else if you have low internet connectivity. This is not the case with laptops though. You should only make sure that you have a comfortable sitting arrangement for accessing Rummy from your laptop. In the case of mobile phones, you can just switch places from one to another if there is less internet connectivity at one place.

Maintaining your Privacy

Whether you access the online Rummy game from your mobile or from your laptop, you should make sure your privacy is maintained. There are various pop ups that appear on the screen of your laptop and mobile while playing the Online Rummy game. Also, while making payments, you should be very careful and if possible check everything twice when it is related to transactions. Moreover, you might often forget logging out of your account on web versions which might open access to your account for other people using the system.

Playing Rummy on Mobile Phone

While you play rummy on your mobile phone, there are some interesting factors about it. Desktop, as well as Mobile both, have the same moves and the same rules of the game but the feeling and experience of both are different.

1. No Restriction– While playing Rummy on your mobile phone, you are not bound to sit in one place. You can move and settle down at any place to play Rummy.

2. No Interruptions– When you play Rummy on your mobile phones, you only have to login and start playing. There are no interruptions of pop-ups, advertisements, etc., while you play.

3. Multi-table Games– Multi-table Rummy games require quick actions. It is comparatively easier on mobile phones to switch. On laptops, it is a bit difficult to quickly switch between tabs.


From the above blog, we can get a rough idea about how rummy can be played on mobile phones and laptops. Using mobile phones as a medium proves to be more flexible at times. However, it completely depends on one’s choice.


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