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Few Important Points To Remember While Making Sequences

The online Rummy game is all about sequences of cards. The faster you make card sequences, the more are your chances of winning. The combination of pure and impure sequences makes you a winner. There are various combinations that can be formed using cards. One must know how the sequences are formed in order to win. All the permutations and combinations of cards should be tried for making a sequence. There are various useful ways of making sequences. Some of the key points are as follows.

Sorting the cards once dealt

When the cards are dealt, the first thing that a person should do is sorting. When you make proper sets of different suits, it will always be helpful. It will manage the number of cards you have and make the cards arranged in a better-organized way. It will also help you to think about the sequences while arranging the cards.

Sequence of picture cards

The picture cards in the set of cards are King(K) card, Queen(Q) card, and the Jack(J) card. They have a small picture or an image printed on the card. Any of these cards can be used in the sequence of cards. Pure and impure both sequences can be made using these cards. The points that these cards carry are 10. The numeric value of the cards is J-11, Q-12, K-13 in a sequence.

Sequences by using Joker cards

When there is a joker in the sequence of cards, the sequence is named as an impure sequence. There are two jokers in the Online Rummy Game. Any of these jokers can be used in the impure sequence of cards. The joker replaces the original card in the sequence. It is like a replacement for any card in the set. It completes the sequence even with a missing card.

Sequence of low point cards

A sequence of cards with low points that are arranged in ascending or descending order is the sequence of low point cards. These have the lower side of value which is from 2 to 5. All the suits of cards have the value printed on the cards. The impure sequences, as well as pure sequences, can be made from these cards.

Sequence of high point cards

The high point cards have the higher side of points. They have values from 6 to 10. They have the higher side of value and sequences can be made using ascending and descending order of cards.


Card games have always been a center of entertainment for a number of people around the world. There are a number of card games that are played around the world. Various platforms are available where you can play online card games. Also, there are various online websites and mobile applications developed for playing card games. The rules are very basic and easy and anybody can learn these card games using various online tutorials, videos, and blogs. The sequence-making strategies should be very clear in one’s mind in order to play rummy. Hope these will be of help to you.


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