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Exciting Facts About Rummy Game

Rummy is played in India since ancient times. It actually started as a game played at family gatherings, weddings, and festivals among a group of friends or the family itself. However, with the changing times, it has also changed from offline to online rummy. Because of the advancements in online gaming technologies, we are able to get the benefit of playing rummy online in India. In online rummy, multiple variations are present which makes it more interesting to play. There are several unknown facts which many of us don’t know so, let’s take a look at a few of them.

Origination of Rummy is Still Unknown 

Nobody knows the exact fact behind the origination of a Rummy. Some had a belief that it was actually found in the 19th century somewhere in Spain from a card game called Conquian which is still under the war of words, while few say that this game has arisen from the French Poker. Furthermore, there are some who say that it might have been originated from Mahjong, a Chinese game. That’s why the Rummy game is considered to be the mother of all card games.

People love to Play the Rummy game

The 3rd most loved card game across the universe is Rummy. It is a brainstorming game and it enhances the decision-making skills of the player. It also acts as a stress buster. In the digital world, it is at a great height and several people are ardent supporters of the Rummy and play it on daily basis.

It started as a family game

Earlier in the 1960s, Rummy was played as a family game. Same as the board games, Rummy too was favored by many Indian families.

Variations of Rummy Game

Rummy game is available with various variations. There are near about 20 variations of this game, namely Indian Rummy, Gin Rummy, Canasta, Kalooki, Thirteen Rummy, etc. In India, the most preferred variation is Indian 13 cards Rummy and it is enjoyed and played by many.

Myths related to Rummy Game

In society, distinct anecdotes are popular about the Rummy game like this game was played for Rum. Shocked? But it was heard that the loser had to purchase Rum for the winner and the people sitting around. It is also said, someone has made a record of 500 points and to date, no person has been able to break that record.

The above mentioned are some interesting and exciting facts about Rummy. But today many prefer online Rummy gaming with friends. And the main benefit behind this is that there are very few chances of getting cheated and can be enjoyed, the ease of enjoying the game while sitting at any corner of the world, and exciting prizes. Many online rummy platforms are available for players and among these, MyTeamRummy is one of the best and the leading online rummy platform.


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