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Drop Strategy in Online Rummy Game

The inception of Rummy can be found in the rusty historical books when tribal communities gained interest in the deck of cards while enjoying an evening game with their friends and families. The era, however, has evolved with digitisation as people now download rummy app and enjoy similar zeal. A professional will always advise you to be patient with rummy to chart a winning game in the end. However, not everyone is lucky with the group of 13 cards in online rummy game. 

Many players try to turn the game in their favour if dealt with good cards. Since your luck plays a huge role on Rummy Online Game App, a group of unlucky cards will force you to drop the game. No matter how brilliant a rummy player you are, you will be helpless if the cards don’t match your knowledge. The only thing to do in this case is of declare drop on the Rummy app to avoid any losses.

But there are ways to do so! A rummy player must be aware of the opportunity and right strategy, even when you are losing and wish to drop out of the game. So how and when to declare the same? Let’s explore ways to avoid losses when dropping the game of rummy. 

Types of Drops in Online Rummy Game

  • First Drop: When a player drops out of the game without making any move in the game, it’s called the first drop. The penalty of the first drop, however, differs on each rummy app online.
  • Middle Drop: When a player drops out of the game anytime after playing the first move in the game is called Middle drop. The penalties of same again differ for each rummy app in India. 

How to Drop out of the Rummy game smartly?

If a player executes a drop strategy smartly, they can avoid major penalties while incurring small possible losses. So if you have faced such a situation in the past, the following pointers will help you manage your losses in rummy. 

When the cards are dealt, and you are confident that you have little to no chance to win the game, drop out immediately. When you opt for the first drop, the penalty is lesser than that of the middle drop.

After making a few moves in the rummy game, if you come to an understanding that your chances of winning are less, then opt for the middle drop. Be wise when choosing the move to drop out for the upcoming rounds as you Play Rummy Online.

An attempt to make a pure sequence should always be the priority of a player when the cards are dealt. Group your cards to make a possible sequence. It is advised that a player must not opt-out if he/she is confident about creating a pure sequence in the upcoming moves.

In case you are not confident in your rummy knowledge, you should opt for practice games on the Rummy Game App Online. So as you practice your skills, analyse ways of dropping out of the game whenever necessary. This way, you save some time and plan your finances better. 


One thing is clear by now: Drop strategy is as important as any other move in rummy. When and how to drop out of the game saves a player from heavy penalties. The timing of every move is important in rummy. We hope that these strategies will help you decide wisely when it is time to drop out from a game of rummy.

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