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Different Types of Rummy Players You will find Online

Rummy is one of the most loved card games across India. Day by day the number of Rummy players is increasing and so is the number of websites. The best thing about Rummy is, people of any age group can play it. Here, in online rummy games, you don’t get to choose your opponents as they are selected on a random basis.

But, with a little bit of understanding, you can recognize the type of player your opponent is! You can plan your strategies accordingly. We have listed out types of players that you can come across while playing an online rummy game.

Below is the list of rummy players you possibly come across:

The Amateurs

All the Rummy aspirants might have come across the new players at least once. Identifying a newbie is not a difficult task since they play according to a particular rule book and takes a lot of time during selecting and retaining cards. Also, they do lots of mistakes so can be identified easily.

Obviously, these attributes will vary from player to player. But, if you are an experienced player, you will easily figure it out. But because you are playing with a beginner don’t be too confident else you will end up losing the game.

The Slow Pokes

The slow Pokes are the ones who are already well-experienced but still they take a lot of time before playing any move. Usually, this type of player plans a strategy for every single move and play when the timer is about to end. Playing with these players can be difficult as you are required to wait for a very long time for your turn and you can be easily irritated while waiting which can affect your game.

You have to be very patient while playing with the slowpokes. Also, you can utilize your time by calculating the points and can make a note of it so can be proven beneficial for you if odds are against you.

The Aggressive

Along your way, you will find some players who make decisions very swiftly and play their every move in the first 10 seconds. You have to play very smartly with such players since they know how to trick their opponents.

Their quick decision-making strategy sometimes may result in making silly mistakes too due to their lack of patience. To defeat such players, you have to understand their moves and strategies first and make better moves than that.

The Smart Rummy Players

Getting a chance to play with smart players can be exciting because they are very well aware of the gameplay, rules, and how to trick their opponents. While playing with them, you have to be a very keen observer since they can bluff you at any moment.

They will play as if they don’t know the game or about to end the game but in actual they are trapping you to do mistakes so that they can win the game. For defeating such players in the game, you have to play smartly and keep your mind alert.

The Risk Averters

Risk Averters are the type of players who play only if they are holding good cards in hand. If they think, they will lose the game then they will immediately drop out from the game without any hesitation.

These types of online rummy players are very calculative and calculate the points at the very beginning of the game. You have to be very much careful while playing with such players, as they can win the game at any moment with their excellent calculation skills.


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