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Common Misconceptions About Online Rummy Game

Online Rummy is a popular card game played across the world. It is a community card game and has 2-6 players. Rummy is played for recreational and fun purposes by some people while some play it for the rewards. The nature of cards that you get is not in your hands but the strategies you use for playing with those cards are what matters. You should be able to win the game with your skills and of course, luck plays an important role too. A good analysis is also required for playing rummy. Even though rummy is a very popular and loved game, there are a number of misconceptions about the online version of the game.

Here are a few of the misconceptions about rummy that are prevailing among people.

Playing Rummy becomes an addiction

Many people think that rummy card games can become an addiction. Due to this a number of people try to avoid playing it and do not even try. It is not the truth though. Everything is dependent on your own will and wish. Your mind plays a big role here. You can set a time limitation for playing. There are no scientific reports that playing the game can be an addiction or not. Many online websites and platforms have their own provision for this. They automatically log out of your account after a certain limit of time. But mostly everything is dependent on the player’s self-discipline.

Rummy game is not legal

There is a big misconception that rummy is not legal and people who play rummy, do this with unfair means. But this is a very wrong belief among many people. The game is purely legal and can be accessed by anyone. Even in India, there are various websites that are developed especially for playing rummy and other similar games. So, it is totally legal to play. You can easily download an online rummy game app in India & enjoy the game at your fingertips.

Playing Rummy requires expensive gadgets

Many people have a belief that rummy requires high-configuration gadgets and devices that are expensive. People think that rummy cannot be played on simple devices. But actually, these games can be played on any of the smart devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc. And it is very easy to access any online rummy websites from these devices. You only need a good quality internet connection.

Need to high bankroll

A very big bankroll is not required for playing the game. You have to deposit a very small amount in order to start playing. Many online rummy platforms ask for a very small amount even if you want to play for amount. But comparatively, you can earn a lot of bankroll in the form of rewards and prizes.


Playing online rummy games need a lot of skills and hard work. Also, the luck factor plays an important role here. But the player should have good strategies. This comes with practice. The misconceptions about rummy will not remain in your mind once you start playing. When you start as a beginner, slowly you get acquainted with the rules of Rummy and you can become a pro at it. Also, the misconceptions and myths in your heart will erase out.


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