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Calculating Score In 13 Cards Online Rummy Game

13 Cards online rummy game is one of the most played and most popular types of rummy variant games played in India as well as across the globe. The 13-card rummy game is easy to learn and gives great joy and entertainment. We can play this game with two standard decks of cards containing contain printed jokers and 2 to 6 players can play. There are various sets and sequences that have to be made in 13 card rummy. The online 13 card rummy game is a game that needs skill as well as luck.

The more you will practice, the better your game will become. It is compulsory for every player to make sequences from 13 given cards, out of which one must be a pure sequence. Always pay attention to the discarded cards too.

Scoring in 13 cards online rummy game

  1. In 13 cards online rummy game, K, Q, J, and A of any suit carry 10 points each. They are the face cards. High-valued cards will increase your overall points. So only hold these cards when you are sure of the sequence and set.
  2. Cards numbered between 2 to 10 carry the same value as the number. This is applicable to all the suits. For example, the 2 numbered cards of any suit will carry 2 points; the 3 numbered cards will carry 3 points.
  3. There are two types of joker in rummy, namely the printed joker and the wild joker. Both types of jokers do not hold any points. Their value is 0.
  4. When the game ends, the total points of the losing player are calculated taking all the cards into consideration if the pure sequence is not made. But if the pure sequence is made by the player, only the remaining unpaired cards considered for point calculation.
  5. The full hand is 80 points. This means that the Maximum number of points that a player can lose is 80.
  6. If a player drops out in the first round itself, and without picking any card, it is considered the first drop. The penalty for this drop is 20 points. And if the player drops out in the next round, after picking at least one card, it is called a middle drop. The penalty for this drop is 40 points.
  7. If the player misses three rounds consecutively, the player is dropped from the game with a penalty of 80 points.


The above points will give a clear idea of scoring in every player’s mind for the 13 card rummy game. The first person who meets the objectives of the game will win the game. Knowing all these things about the 13-card rummy game scoring system will prove to be of help to all the players. They can become great players at all the online rummy tables and tournaments if they play with dedication and practice. Almost all the rummy game variants are easy to learn and you can easily practice them on MyTeamRummy. You need to know the basic rules, for which you can go through blogs and tutorials.


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