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5 Reasons Why Time Management is a Must in Online Rummy Games

Time management is very important in our life. Without proper time management, you can’t achieve anything easily. We all know the saying, “Time is money”. And this saying is true when it comes to playing online rummy games. Strategic timing plays a vital role when you plan your moves or discard the card etc.

Let’s see how you can achieve proper time management while playing rummy.

Effective time management

Time is more important than any other skills in rummy. If you manage your timing properly while playing, then you already win the half-game. Each and every move can make or break your game. So you have to decide your move at a perfect time. By doing this you can win the game.

Maintaining time during the game

When you play rummy online, make sure you are never in a hurry. You may feel compelled to play your turn immediately at the beginning of the game. But rather than doing this, it is better to analyze your cards and arrange them properly in alternate suit colors. You have to be patient while playing this game. And maintain your timing throughout the game.

A perfect move in perfect timing

When you download an online rummy app to play the game, you will notice that there is a fixed timer running continuously during your turn. A player has a fixed 30-seconds timer for each move, with an additional buffer of another 30 seconds that lasts throughout the game round. You have to plan and play your cards accurately in this duration. You need to observe and understand the strategies of your opponent during the game, then you will plan your counter moves. You have to do this within a fraction of seconds when it’s your opponent’s turn.

Booking a seat for tournaments

Skilled rummy players know that a tournament needs a considerate amount of skill and dedication to win this game. If you want to participate in such tournaments, then you must know the best skills and tricks. It can happen only if you do excess practice and have proper time management. If you have your other works and priorities and you get distracted, then there’s no point in booking a tournament slot. You have to be patient while playing this game.

Selecting the game table

Professional rummy players know when to plan their move and play. They don’t take a seat at any random table. They are very selective with their game. Time is one of the most important aspects while choosing a table. You have to analyze how much time you have and then compare it with the normal duration of the variant you want to play. Before getting to the table, you need to be quick and energetic while sorting through various options.

Grab your offers

There are many promotional bonuses and offers available for the rummy player. The best online rummy websites in India provide a number of promotional offers for their users. You have to keep your eye on notifications to grab a special offer. If you don’t do so, you will miss out on the special offer.


There is a famous saying that, “A plan is what, a schedule is when. It takes both a plan and a schedule to get things done.” So you must have proper planning and timing while playing a rummy game. The points given above can help you in maintaining proper time management while playing rummy. So, never do things in a hurry. Rummy is a brainstorming game. So, a player has to be patient and calm while playing this game. And plan your moves according to perfect timing.


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